Grading UNC Football’s New Uniforms


Keeping It Heel gives out grades to all three of UNC Football’s new uniforms, which were released on Monday night by Nike and UNC.

Nike and the University of North Carolina released new football uniforms on Monday night. If you haven’t seen images of the new jerseys, helmets and pants yet, head on over to this link.  Also, be sure to take our poll and let us know if you like the jerseys or not.

My first impression of the new jerseys is a positive one. I wasn’t sure I would like the argyle, but I have to see after seeing the first images that it looked like a really fresh, unique look for the Carolina football program.

Let’s grade the three new looks for Carolina football — white, Carolina Blue and black uniforms, starting with the whites…

White Unis: B+

A good road look earns a B+ grade. The white helmet with the argyle looks good, not great. (I’m starting to worry that the argyle on the helmets and on the jerseys won’t exactly be inflicting fear into the other team.)

The argyle on the collar is where this jersey earns its B+ grade. The collar was somewhat of a weak spot on the old Carolina jerseys and all Nike football jerseys. The collars featured this weird futuristic collar that quick frankly didn’t look very good. The argyle collar now looks great. It is big enough to be seen but not overpowering. The number font looks fine, and the pants also look fine. (It is hard to mess up all white pants.)

No complaints for this look. It returns to the UNC Football jerseys of old while giving the look a more modern feel. Good job Nike.

Carolina Blue: B-

Maybe it is just how the designs are presented right now, but I don’t love the blue helmet on blue jersey on blue pants look. With white pants on game day, this look could be a winner, but for now it earns a B-.

First of all, bonus points again for going back to older times while giving the look a fresh coat of paint. The white numbers look good and the argyle collar is again a strong point.

Out of the three, I think this is the weakest of the bunch. It doesn’t flash or pop out at you like the whites or the blacks do. No complaints, but no golden star for this kit.

Black: A+

I think the blacks look awesome looking at it from this picture alone. The argyle and the Carolina Blue just pop off the jersey, and the look is modern while staying true to Carolina’s roots.

Compare the new black to last year’s black jersey below.

Oct 18, 2014; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels quarterback Marquise Williams (12) celebrates with fans after the game. The Tar Heels defeated the Yellow Jackets 48-43 at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

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I like the new ones 10 times more. First of all, notice that ugly collar on the old jerseys. The new ones have the sharp argyle look. The font is also better for the numbers, and the return of the shoulder numbers is better than that big blue stripe on the sides.

I like those black jerseys from last year, and I love these. Some subsets of the fanbase could disagree, because they are more used to the football jerseys are old and are more excited about the blues and whites because of the return to tradition. But I like the blacks. I think they are going to look really good on gameday and I think they do the best job of showcasing the argyle.

Let us know in the comments what grades you are giving the new jerseys!