DI Board Takes Shot at North Carolina Tar Heels in Statement

The Division I Board of Directors has released a statement regarding transfer waivers as they take a shot at the North Carolina Tar Heels in the process.

Let’s keep adding to the DRAMA!

The Division I Board of Directors released a statement regarding transfer waivers, which was obviously sent out due to the recent issues surrounding the eligibility status of UNC football transfer Devontez ‘Tez’ Walker.

If you’re interested in reading the entire statement, you can do so here. If you want to hear what the Divison I Board of Directors had to say regarding the North Carolina Tar Heels, well, here you go:

The DI Board is troubled by the public remarks made last week by some of the University of North Carolina leadership. Those comments directly contradict what we and our fellow Division I members and coaches called for vociferously – including UNC’s own football coach. We are a membership organization, and rather than pursue a public relations campaign that can contribute to a charged environment for our peers who volunteer on committees, we encourage members to use established and agreed upon procedures to voice concerns and propose and adopt rule or policy changes if they are dissatisfied.” 

Before we get into the logistics of this whole situation, didn’t the NCAA recently say that they don’t comment on particular cases?

Seems to me like they do!

The NCAA preaches about the “well-being of its student-athletes.” If you go on their social media accounts, the pages are flooded with content that relates to the same notion.

Given what we’ve seen in this particular case, all of these posts contradict what the NCAA continues to do, as they are negatively impacting Walker among likely many other student-athletes.

Instead of doing the right thing and settling this situation, the NCAA continues to pound its chest to make it seem like they are right in this case. In fact, they couldn’t be more wrong but are too arrogant to see it.

This statement just goes to show how corrupt the NCAA is, as they just keep re-wording rules (which were put into place AFTER Walker enrolled at North Carolina) in an effort to make people believe they are right.

All this shows is that the NCAA and the people who run it are bullies who really don’t care about the success and well-being of the student-athletes.

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