UNC Basketball: Ideas for College Gameday Signs

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Nov 15, 2014; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels fans react in the fourth quarter. The Tar Heels defeated the Panthers 40-35 at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Any of these Quinn Cook jokes…

These are all some of the “Hunter Pence signs” that showed up this summer wherever the MLB outfielder was playing. Here are a few of the better ones, along with a few of my own, that could make fun of Quinn Cook…

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“Quinn Cook eats pizza with a fork”

“Quinn Cook can’t shuffle playing cards”

“Quinn Cook can’t parallel park”

“Quinn Cook prefers baths”

“Quinn Cook brings 13 items to the express lane”

“Quinn Cook wears sunglasses indoors”

“Quinn Cook carries a man purse”

“Quinn Cook skips leg day”

“Quinn Cook hates puppies”

Grab a few posters and a few friends and try some of these out.