Rank ‘Em: Best Decades of Tar Heel Basketball Since 1950

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#4 – 1950’s

The 1950’s were an interesting decade for the ‘boys in blue’ as the program saw its first taste of national success with the national championship in 1957. Frank McGuire changed the tune of the program and got the Tar Heels on the right track for the future. The team moved from the Southern Conference to the Atlantic Coast Conference in 1954 in McGuire’s second year at the helm. The Tar Heels in the 50’s officially put themselves on the basketball map. I put this decade ahead of the 70’s because of the first national title for the program in 1957. Even though the 70’s was technically “more successful” in terms of wins and exposure, I have to give it to Frank McGuire in the 50’s for putting the Tar Heels on the map.

2 NCAA tournament appearances (1957 & 1959)
1 Final Four (1957)
1 National championship (1957)
1 ACC tournament championship (1957)
3 regular season ACC championships (1956 & 1957, 1959)
168 victories

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Retired numbers
#10 Greg Ferguson – 1954-1957

Lennie Rosenbluth (1957)
Pete Brennan (1958)

NBA Alumni (4): Hook Dillon (1950), Lennie Rosenbluth (1958-1959), Tommy Kearns (1959), Pete Brennan (1959)