Rank ‘Em: Top 5 Players for UNC Basketball in 2014-15

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#3 – J.P. Tokoto – 6’5 Junior Forward (22.2% 3PT, 50% FT)

In one of the first articles I wrote defended the fact that Tokoto needs to stay in the Heels starting line-up and I stand by that fact. He’s earned the spot and deserves a chance to show what he can do from the outset next season. That being said, he’s got some work to do if he wants to hold on to that spot, should he get it. There is no doubting the man’s athletic ability. He’s a highlight waiting to happen in the open floor.

Just like a guy you may have heard of, Danny Green, Tokoto needs his sophomore to junior year show growth in his game.  Green became a legitimate three-point threat by the end of his junior year and was only better as a senior. Tokoto shot just 22% from beyond the arch last season and if there is one thing he does this summer I hope it’s get up as many shots as his body can handle. As an opposing head coach to UNC next year, the scouting report on Tokoto is going to read “ATHLETE: MAKE HIM BEAT YOU WITH JUMP SHOT.”

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If he adds respectable outside touch to his athleticism he’ll be a nightmare to defend. I’d like to see him raise his three-point percentage from the abysmal 22% (which I think my out-of-shape butt could do) to about 33% or so. It’s a big jump in one off-season, but asking a perimeter player to shoot 33% at the three-point line isn’t that absurd a request. He needs to shed the reputation many players get these days of being just an athlete. Next year he needs to develop into a complete basketball player.

Tokoto has something that so many basketball players crave which is great athletic ability. What’s encouraging for him is right now his shortcomings are all that which can be fixed by working hard this off-season. We’ll find out what type of work ethic he has and how serious he is about becoming a great player by how he develops his game for next season.