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I would like to thank the loyal readers of Keeping It Heel and welcome those of you who are new to the site. Since the site was launched in November of 2011 we have grown well beyond even our most aggressive goals. The staff and I here at Keeping It Heel work hard everyday to bring you the very best coverage of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels on the web. The staff , site content, features and services have also grown tremendously and it’s all because of you, our wonderful readers who support us each and everyday.

In an effort to ensure you get the most out of your experience at Keeping It Heel. I want to take you through a brief site tour and let you know about all the features we’ve added that you might not know about yet on the site. And at the bottom if you would please be so kind to share with us your feedback on the site.

Did you know?

Keeping It Heel has a hot new Forum community?  All you need to do is register to begin chatting with fellow UNC fans about all things Tar Heel.

Want the latest news links, videos, and quotes of the Tar Heels, ACC &NCAA news from around the web? The Hub features all that and the best Tweets Twitter has to offer. Updated many times throughout each day The Hub is always up to date with everything you need to keep up on the Tar Heels. Make Keeping It Heel your Tar Heels resource.

Keeping It Heel wants you to be immersed in subscription free recruiting news, rumors and analysis. Check out our recruiting pages for Basketball, Football recruiting.

Keeping It Heel is dedicated to bringing you a one stop shop for any UNC information you need. Got tickets to a game and want to look at the stadium seating chart? We’ve got the Dean Smith, Carmichael Center, Kennan & Boshamer stadium seating charts in the Basketball, Football and Baseball sub pages. Need to look up the roster? We have that Basketball, Football and Baseball sub pages also. Can’t remember the score to a game earlier this season? We’ve got you covered in the Basketball, Football and Baseball schedule and scores sub pages.

Keeping It Heel offers a subscription service free of charge. Get daily emails with all the days news from Keeping It Heel right in your inbox everyday, free of charge. Just enter in your email address on the from page of Keeping It Heel on the right hand side under subscribe to Keeping It Heel.

Keeping It Heel also brings it’s readers UNC Tar Heels news via Twitter and Facebook. You can follow the links to our pages or find shortcuts to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter here and on the front page under subscribe to Keeping It Heel. Cant catch the game? Got Twitter on your phone? Follow Keeping It Heel and we’ll keep you up to date on the Heels.
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We understand you want to check out other Tar Heel sites around the web. That’s why we linked over 70 Tar Heel and ACC related sites in our Blogroll. The Blogroll can be found on the right hand side of the front page. No need to bookmark all those sites, just head over to Keeping It Heel and when your done with us, scroll through the blogroll and see what’s out there.

We’re also hiding a few extras at Keeping It Heel. Find a gallery of Free UNC Cheerleader Pics, a copy of the famous “Anti-Duke Manifesto”.

And if you love Keeping It Heel and want to see us continue growing and have the ability to contribute to our ever growing efforts, we now have a Donate option for those who want to help us out.

If you ever need to contact the founding editor of Keeping It Heel you can email Matt at or Tweet us Follow @Keeping_It_Heel