Where is the UNC basketball program seeded in the first bracket preview?

The first bracket preview for the upcoming NCAA Tournament was released. Where does the UNC basketball program currently rank?

Duke v North Carolina
Duke v North Carolina / Peyton Williams/GettyImages

Prior to the UNC basketball program's victory over Virginia Tech, the first NCAA March Madness bracket preview was released.

The preview, which comes four weeks before Selection Sunday, details the top 16 teams currently in the field. It provides where the teams currently stand, but as we all know, this is all subject to change!

Although North Carolina isn't currently listed as a No. 1 seed, they are quite close to that mark.

The Tar Heels are currently viewed as the top-ranked No. 2 seed, as they are projected to be a part of the East Region. They are joined in this region by the UConn Huskies, the No. 1 overall seed (and a team who beat the Tar Heels earlier in the season) along with Iowa State and Wisconsin.

When you look at how the early projections shaped out, this is a rather favorable draw for the UNC basketball program. Yes, Iowa State is no joke and a potential rematch with the Huskies would be tough, but looking at the other regions, it could definitely be worse.

Just look at that West Region. Sheesh.

Like we said earlier: there is a 100% chance that this will change before Selection Sunday rolls around. However, we must say this: isn't it nice to not be on the bubble this year?!

The UNC basketball program can definitely make a push for a No. 1 seed if they finish the regular season strong. Winning the ACC regular season title along with a deep run into the ACC Tournament likely gets them the nod, as the Tar Heels are definitely in control of their own destiny at this point.

Yes, these are simply projections, so it's important to not get carried away by them. In the same token, the NCAA Tournament is right around the corner, so you'd be lying to yourself if you weren't a bit curious as to where the Tar Heels project to be included among the field.

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