Veteran provides wisdom for rookie ahead of first UNC basketball vs. Duke game

Before the UNC basketball program hosts rival Duke, this battle-tested veteran had some words of wisdom for his fellow backcourt mate.

St. Augustine's v North Carolina
St. Augustine's v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

If you commit to North Carolina or Duke, it's pretty safe to say that the rivarly game between the two historic programs is one you want to be a part of.

For Elliot Cadeau, he'll get his first taste of the rivalry on Saturday night as the UNC basketball program will host the Blue Devils in Chapel Hill.

It could be an overwhelming experience for sure, as the sold out crowd is certain to make a lot of noise, thus adding to already the important implications that ride on the game being played on the court. However, it's always good to have battle-tested veterans on board who know what the rivarly is all about.

For Cadeau, there's probably no better mentor for this than his fellow backcourt mate, RJ Davis.

While speaking to the media, Davis was asked about what advice he'll give Cadeau ahead of Saturday night's contest. The senior guard, who is part of some big-time North Carolina wins over Duke during his career, had some really good advice for the rookie Cadeau.

"Just to tell him to go out there and just be Elliot. He's a supreme talent. He's been playing really well for us this year. He needs to just go out there and play his game and not get too caught up in the rivalry game. Just go and be Elliot. That's what we need from him, and he'll play really well for us. The way he's been playing, his aggressiveness, his playmaking, and even as defense has been great for us."

"Just go and be Elliot" is simple, yet, the perfect way to describe it.

In these type of games, players could easily get caught up in the moment, trying to do more than they have to for their team. For Cadeau, the Tar Heels need him to just do what he's been doing (of course, minus the foul trouble!), as his playmaking abilities on both sides of the floor have been huge assets for this team, especially during their recent 10-game winning streak.

There are quite a number of new faces that will become a part of college basketball's biggest rivalry on Saturday night. In Elliot Cadeau's case, the goal should be simple: just go out there and be Elliot.

That's all that the UNC basketball program needs him to do.

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