UNC Women's Basketball: A dream turned into a reality

On Friday, one member of the UNC women's basketball program accomplished a dream that she set out for herself.
2023 Invesco QQQ Basketball Hall of Fame Women's Showcase - Connecticut v North Carolina
2023 Invesco QQQ Basketball Hall of Fame Women's Showcase - Connecticut v North Carolina / G Fiume/GettyImages

Some things are just simply bigger than sports.

In case you haven't heard her story, Sydney Barker has one that you certainly want to hear.

A Durham, North Carolina native, Barker became a star on the basketball court for Jordan High School. She earned Conference Player of the Year honors in both her junior and senior seasons, and drew various interest from multiple college programs.

However, Barker had her heart set on one: North Carolina.

Now, the UNC women's basketball program didn't have a scholarship to offer, but Barker was offered to join the team as a walk-on. Most players would've taken the sure thing and took the scholarship from another program, but Barker took a chance on herself and pursued her dream.

On Friday, her dream became even more of a reality, as her decision to take a chance on herself has officially paid off.

In a very special locker room moment, head coach Courtney Banghart made it seem like Barker's father was there to talk to the team. Little did Sydney know, she was about to become a scholarship player for her beloved Tar Heels.

Not only was Barker overwhelmed with emotion, but her teammates were as well, as multiple Tar Heels are seen screaming and crying tears of happiness. Based on the team's reaction, you can just tell how much Barker means to them, as they are genuinely happy that she has earned her scholarship.

Make sure you put an emphasis on EARNED!

Since she arrived on campus a few months ago, Barker has worked extremely hard to be an active member of this team. Even if she didn't see minutes in game situations, Barker has been a player that those around the program have raved about in regard to her hard work and dedication, as well as her enthusiasm.

Simply put: she's a very talented basketball player, but an even more special human being.

This was definitely one of the best things you'll see this week, as the story of a in-state product who took a chance on herself came full circle when she officially earned a spot as a scholarship player for that same program that she always had dreams of playing for.

If this doesn't inspire you to chase your dreams, I don't know what will!

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