UNC Football: Mack Brown calls out Dave Doeren for being "Classless"

The UNC football program's head coach is still not happy with NC State coach Dave Doeren after his comments following the Wolfpack's victory over the Tar Heels.
NC State v North Carolina
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Oh, the drama continues.

In his first media availability since the UNC football program lost to NC State to end the regular season, head coach Mack Brown addressed the comments that Dave Doeren made about his team following the game.

Given this was a month ago, in case you forgot, Doeren called the UNC football players "pieces of s**t*."

Here is what Brown had to say regarding the situation:

"In our last ball game with a rival school after the game, the head coach of that school called our players a piece of s***. And I apologize for that language, but I've never heard something like that before. I'm disappointed. I thought it was classless. It's not true. Number one, we didn't play well in the game. We didn't coach well in the game. It's been very well documented and I got that, but you don't call kids a piece of s*** and I've addressed it with our team. I apologized to them.

These kids are one of the top academic groups in America. They got an award for AFCA's top 13. They've won a Coastal division. They've won a bunch of games. They've been to an Orange Bowl, been to five-straight bowls. They represent us. And from me speaking for them and their parents, they really didn't appreciate being called a piece of s***. Never heard that before. Very, very disappointing, but, it is what it is."

When asked to respond to Brown's comments, here's what Doeren had to say.

Doeren cites how he was unaware that there were cameras in the locker room then and admits that his choice of words was wrong. He talks about the emotion that comes out after a game like that one but seems to focus on the lack of courtesy given to him and his team following the victory.

Yes, we know that this was Brown's first media appearance since the incident, but the timing seems very odd to even discuss such a topic.

No one is saying Brown shouldn't defend his team, and no one is implying that what Doeren said was right either. What we are saying is this:

On a day that is supposed to be about the future of your program (Early Signing Day), why are we harboring on something that happened a month ago?

Instead of bringing it up as part of a media charade, how about simply using it as motivation within the locker room prior to next season's meeting between the two foes?

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