UNC Basketball: Um... what did this former Duke Blue Devil say?!

While working as a commentator on an ESPN College Basketball broadcast, former Duke Blue Devil Jay Williams had something interesting to say regarding the UNC basketball program.
Kansas v Texas Tech
Kansas v Texas Tech / John Weast/GettyImages

As we've all witnessed, the transfer portal can cause a lot of craziness.

The college basketball world has seen thousands of student-athletes take advantage of the one-time transfer rules, as players look for better opportunities elsewhere.

This new era of the transfer portal also has former players thinking about their respective careers and where they might've ended up if the portal was relevant during their playing days.

Former Duke Blue Devil Jay Williams was put on the spot while commentating on the Kansas vs. Oklahoma State game on Tuesday night, as Jon Sciambi wanted to know if it would have impacted Williams' collegiate career.

You're going to want to hear Williams' response, one that may shock you.

Williams went on to say that if it was back in the day, he would have transferred to Georgetown to play for John Thompson. If it was in today's modern game, Williams said that he would have departed Durham to join the Blue Devils' biggest rivals, the UNC basketball program.

"If you're asking me today... this is a tough one because I don't know if I'll be allowed to go back home..." -Jay Williams

"Are you about to say North Carolina?!" - Jon Sciambi

"I just like the way they play! It's a fast paced-style of play, I like it! They allow RJ Davis to go!" - Jay Williams

Just wow.

Of course, in this modern era of college basketball, there is a slight, slight chance that a student-athlete would elect to switch sides in this historic rivalry. You simply can't rule it out: anything is possible at this point.

For fans of the UNC basketball program, Williams' comments have to make you think of two things:

For starters, would a former Duke Blue Devil be accepted by the Tar Heel faithful, and on the contrary, how loud would the boos be for when a potential former Tar Heel returned to the Dean Smith Center as a member of the program's biggest rival?

It's weird enough thinking about Jay Williams in a North Carolina uniform. I don't even want to think of some of the UNC basketball program's legends wearing the other shade of blue!

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