UNC Basketball: Roy Williams might have found a new post-retirement career to pursue!

If the legendary UNC basketball coach is getting bored during retirement, he can always pick up a new career as a voice actor!
Illinois v Florida Atlantic
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The 124th annual U.S. Open Golf Championship will be held this week at Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

This marks the fourth time that the event will be held at this course, as it will be the first time in 10 years since the last event. Needless to say: the excitement is very high for the competition to once again be held in the state of North Carolina.

To add to the hype of the upcoming U.S. Open Golf Championship, the P:inehurst Resort social media account posted a video, one that features a very familiar voice for UNC basketball fans.

Take a listen for yourself below:

With the idea of "home" at the forefront of the video, who better to talk about the state of North Carolina than Williams? The former Tar Heels head coach has essentially dedicated his entire life to the state, as although he bleeds Carolina Blue, his love for the state as a whole comes pretty dadgum close.

Let's just put this out there as well: if Williams is getting bored during his retirement era, he most DEFINITELY could pick up a post-retirement career as a voice actor!

Based on how many sporting events we've seen Williams at since his retirement, he doesn't give you the sense that he's bored by any means. In fact, he's doing what we all expected him to do: continue supporting his beloved Tar Heels (over various sports), taking time to take in other games (while visiting former players who current play in the NBA), as well as spend time with his wife Wanda.

Although he could pull off being a voice actor for various types of voiceovers (like the one above), it's cool to see the Pinehurst Resort connecting a historic figure in the state with this highly-anticipated event.

I don't know about you: but that video got me hyped to watch the U.S. Open Golf Championship this week!