UNC Basketball program takes major drop in latest AP Top 25 Poll rankings

After a .500 week on the court, the UNC basketball program dropped in the latest AP Top 25 rankings.
Duke v North Carolina
Duke v North Carolina / Peyton Williams/GettyImages

Last week, the UNC basketball program held onto the No. 3 spot in the AP Top 25 rankings, even after losing to Georgia Tech. The Tar Heels win over Duke likely was the cause of that, as it softened the blow of the disappointing week night loss.

However, a 1-1 week wasn't good enough for the Tar Heels to stay at No. 3, as they saw a major drop in this week's rankings.

Following this week's action, North Carolina dropped four spots to No. 7. They were jumped by Houston, Marquette and Arizona and Kansas in this week's rankings.

After losing to Clemson on Tuesday night, it was expected that the UNC basketball program would be ranked lower once the new rankings were released this week. Unlike a week prior, the nail-biting victory over Miami on Saturday afternoon wasn't big enough to prove that the Tar Heels deserved to stay in the top five, as now they'll have to work their way back up the rankings.

Of course, the main thing is to win games, as you earn your ranking based on how you're playing. The Tar Heels haven't played their best brand of basketball as of late, as the two recent losses to Georgia Tech and Clemson were disappointing, especially given that the big win over rival Duke was sandwiched in between them.

The good news is that the rankings aren't permanent: they are always subject to change. In the current landscape of college basketball, anyone can lose on any given day, as the important thing is to take care of business in front of you, as the rest will figure itself out on its own.

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