UNC Basketball: More chaos impacts this week's ACC men's basketball rankings

With plenty of chaos hitting the Atlantic Coast Conference, who is our No. 1 team heading into the new week of action?

Notre Dame v Virginia
Notre Dame v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages
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Let me tell ya: these rankings get tougher by the week!

Maybe it's because the ACC is a chaotic world (similar to the current state of college basketball), or it could just be that the league continues to beat up on each other.

Regardless, there's one pressing question that is becoming even harder to answer as time goes by:

Who is No. 1?

Last week, Virginia was our No. 1 team, followed by the UNC basketball program. Both teams lost this past week, but is one loss enough to justify dropping them?

Duke has won four straight, but let's not forget that the Blue Devils lost to the Tar Heels a few weeks ago. They haven't played Virginia yet, which could've even added more data to this messy triangle.

Of course, North Carolina visits Virginia on Saturday, a game that will have major implications on the ACC regular season standings. As that game will help provide some clarity, for now, we're doing our best to rank the conference teams for the week ahead.

You'll notice some major changes (once again) in this week's rankings, as a familiar face returns to the bottom spot in this week's rankings.