UNC Basketball: Hubert Davis experiments with different lineups

On Friday night, Hubert Davis used the UNC basketball program's blowout victory as an opportunity to experiment with some new lineup combinations.
Jumpman Classic: North Carolina v Oklahoma
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No. 3: Roy Williams LOVES this one!

Lineup: Davis, Ryan, Ingram, Washington, Bacot

During his tenure as the UNC basketball program's head coach, Roy Williams loved utilizing the two big man rotations. In fact, it provided the Tar Heels with some dominant rebounding, which played a huge role in the program's success over that span.

For the first time this season, we saw Bacot and Washington share the floor at the same time, as Hubert Davis noted that it is something the Tar Heels have experimented with in practice.

Davis has said before that Washington is one of the best shooting big men he's ever seen, as the sophomore showcased it on Friday night with a 17-point performance. If Washington can continue to knock down shots (especially from deep) this lineup, likely with RJ Davis, Harrison Ingram and Cormac Ryan besides him and Bacot, could be a lethal scoring unit for the Tar Heels to operate with.

In that "stretch four" position, the key will be if Washington can consistently defend outside the paint. If he can use his size and athleticism to cause issues for his opponent, there's no telling what this group could do with more time together on the court.

Of the different lineup combinations we saw on Friday night, this is the one that I would love to see more of as ACC play gets underway. The size and scoring ability of this group could be special and might even become their best overall look down the stretch, especially against bigger squads.

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