UNC Basketball: Hubert Davis experiments with different lineups

On Friday night, Hubert Davis used the UNC basketball program's blowout victory as an opportunity to experiment with some new lineup combinations.
Jumpman Classic: North Carolina v Oklahoma
Jumpman Classic: North Carolina v Oklahoma / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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No 2: Two switches in the frontcourt

Lineup: Cadeau, Wojcik, Trimble, Zayden High, Armando Bacot

This is a lineup that you use when you know your goal isn't necessarily to shoot the ball from deep and doesn't necessarily have the athleticism that the first group possesses.

However, Bacot provides this unit with a potential dominant post presence, as you'd have to think the focal point would be to feed the big man near the basket.

For Hubert Davis, it's likely that most lineup combinations will feature one (or more) or the trio of RJ Davis, Harrison Ingram and Bacot. This is an example of that, as Bacot could draw the attention of opposing defenses while opening up opportunities for others on the floor.