UNC Basketball: Armando Bacot makes a special appearance on Ian Jackson's podcast

The now former Tar Heel sat down for an exclusive interview with an incoming Tar Heel as they discuss a variety of topics.
Alabama v North Carolina
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If you haven't gotten a chance to watch (or listen) to it yet: future UNC basketball player Ian Jackson hosts his own podcast.

Called "The Captain Jack Podcast," the future Tar Heel sits down with some notable people to discuss a wide-range of topics.

On episode No. 11, which was released on Tuesday night, Jackson was joined by UNC basketball legend Armando Bacot, as it's an interview you definitely don't want to miss!

Jackson and his co-host, Pat Wavyy, covered a ton of topics with Bacot in just an hour of time, as they dove in on topics that included some NBA and favorite rapper debates. Of course, the trio talked a ton about Bacot's time in Chapel Hill, as the now former Tar Heel provided some wise words of wisdom for Jackson as he's set to embark on his UNC basketball career this year.

We don't want to spoil the entire interview, but we will give you some of our favorite highlights from it:

Bacot was asked to name his top five UNC basketball teammates, as you probably won't be able to predict who the Richmond, Virginia native tabs on the list (some you will, others might surprise you!)

Jackson asks Bacot to describe the transition from Roy Williams to Hubert Davis as the UNC basketball program's head coach. Bacot says it wasn't as different as many people think, as Davis has implemented some of his own concepts along the way thus far.

Bacot describes the "worst decision he's ever made," as it's one that involves plenty of Carolina Blue!

Of course, how could you not talk about the "GOAT," Michael Jordan (even though Bacot believes LeBron James is the "GOAT" of the sport). Bacot gives a great breakdown of why the guys in the locker room were a little timid when they first met Jordan.

Overall, it's a fantastic listen, as hearing Bacot talk about his time in Chapel Hill is worth the time in itself. Add Jackson and Pat Wavyy's commentary along the way, along with some playful banter, and you have an interview that all UNC basketball fans will want to take a listen to.