UNC Basketball: ACC Men's Basketball rankings for the week of January 22

With a lot of craziness surrounding the ACC this past week, how do this week's rankings change after last week's games?

Pittsburgh v Duke
Pittsburgh v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages
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. 834. Miami. . 12-6 Record. . . 3-4 in ACC Play. . 10

Without a doubt, the Miami Hurricanes are the most frustrating team in the ACC up to this point.

Having now lost four of their last five games, the Hurricanes are a mess due to various injuries. Talent wise, this team has the makings of being one of the conference's best. However, they just can't get healthy, and it's starting to really put them in a bad spot among the conference standings.

If this team can get healthy, they are one that could make a strong run through the remainder of the regular season and potentially beyond. The key will be whether they are able to do that.