UNC Basketball: ACC Men's Basketball rankings for the week of January 22

With a lot of craziness surrounding the ACC this past week, how do this week's rankings change after last week's games?
Pittsburgh v Duke
Pittsburgh v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages
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. Pitt. . 2-5 in ACC Play. 11. . 11-7 Record. . . 444

The good news for Pittsburgh was that they upset Duke (who was down two starters) in Durham on Saturday night.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that was following a loss to Syracuse on their own home court.

Pittsburgh just can't seem to figure things out. Let's remember: this is the same team that Duke defeated by 20+ points a week prior while at full strength.

Yes, the win over Duke is a quality win regardless (and one that will make UNC basketball fans happy) but let's not overhype it just yet. Pittsburgh still has a LOT to prove to move up the ranks.

It's also certain that Blake Hinson doesn't have many friends (if any) in Durham now.