UNC Basketball: ACC Men's Basketball rankings for the week of January 22

With a lot of craziness surrounding the ACC this past week, how do this week's rankings change after last week's games?

Pittsburgh v Duke
Pittsburgh v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages
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BC. . 12. 11-7 Record. . . . 431. 2-5 in ACC Play. team

Boston College did what it was supposed to do this week: beat a team they are better than while giving a team who is arguably better a run for their money.

The Eagles defeated Notre Dame but fell short against North Carolina, a week that really didn't change our minds about where to rank them this week.

Now, if Boston College can pull off a win at Virginia Tech and then at Notre Dame, then we'll be forced to re-evaluate.

Until then, the Eagles stay at the No. 12 spot.