UNC Basketball: ACC Men's Basketball rankings for the week of January 22

With a lot of craziness surrounding the ACC this past week, how do this week's rankings change after last week's games?
Pittsburgh v Duke
Pittsburgh v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages
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. . . . . Duke. 4-2 in ACC Play. 2. 13-4 Record. 434

Yes, Duke lost to Pittsburgh at home while having a week to prepare for the game.

HOWEVER, I can't penalize the Blue Devils for the loss, especially given they were down two very important starters.

For that, we'll give them a pass, for now.

Jeremy Roach's health is a HUGE question mark for this team, as his veteran leadership is crucial for them on the court. If he remains out, will Duke be able to pick up the slack, or are more upsets on the horizon?