UNC Basketball: ACC Men's Basketball rankings for the week of January 22

With a lot of craziness surrounding the ACC this past week, how do this week's rankings change after last week's games?

Pittsburgh v Duke
Pittsburgh v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages
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College basketball season is fully in swing.

What we mean by that is this: if there's chaos to be had, it will happen on the basketball court at the collegiate level!

That's exactly what happened in the Atlantic Coast Conference this past week, as the 15 teams essentially continue to beat up on one another.

From big wins to some huge upsets, we've seen it all as we get deeper into conference play. One thing is for sure: it seems that ranking these teams gets harder by the week!

We can promise you this: this week's rankings look different than they did just seven days ago!

How did we rank the ACC men's basketball teams after the last week of action? Click below to find out!