UNC Basketball 2023-2024 season in review: Zayden High

Our UNC Basketball 2023-2024 season in review continues with Zayden High, a freshman who didn't see much action but showed some positive flashes.
Notre Dame v North Carolina
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What does High need to improve upon?

It's difficult to really nit pick on High's game given the amount of playing time he earned, but there were several instances where he showed his youth on the court.

We saw High struggle with turnovers and foul trouble, even in limited minutes, as some reckless play really did impact his time on the court. His two fouls in three minutes against Miami on February 10 are a testament to that, as his quick foul trouble led him back to the bench.

In the future, High must be a little more disciplined, as the goal is to keep him on the court. Of course, that will come with time and experience, as the game will begin to slow down a bit, and High will adjust as he continues to progress.