UNC Baseball: We present to you... one of the worst called strikes you'll ever see

The Diamond Heels got absolutely robbed with this horrible third strike call during their ACC Tournament matchup with Wake Forest.
Florida State v Wake Forest
Florida State v Wake Forest / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

Before we get started... please note that we think that Wake Forest's Chase Burns is simply as good as advertised.


The UNC baseball program was on the wrong side of one of the worst called strikes in the history of the sport of baseball (at any level).

In case you missed it, here's the clip of the pitch that was called a strike on Alex Madera in the ACC Tournament on Friday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Angel Hernandez... is that you?!

Umpires get heavily scrutinized daily for some bad calls they make, and sure, they are human. However, when you make a call as bad as this one, something has to be done.

An elite pitcher like Burns was already getting some extra wiggle room to work with. He doesn't need to get courtesy calls like that one.

In fact, you can tell Burns himself was even surprised with the call!

This game has a ton of meaning to it, as the winner advances to the ACC semifinals. The UNC baseball program was already struggling at putting the ball in play against Burns, but then they also got robbed of an out due to this egregious call.

This is just another friendly reminder that we desperately need to address the poor umpiring not only in college baseball, but in professional baseball as well.

Can we please get robot umpires?! How much worse could it be?