So much for watching the UNC football program's spring game on television...

Contrary to prior beliefs, the UNC football program's annual spring game will not be televised this weekend.
Florida State v North Carolina
Florida State v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

If you were planning on watching the UNC football program's spring game from the comfort of your home, we have some bad news for you.

Mack Brown announced on Wednesday that the program made a deal with the ACC Network to not televise the spring game. Instead, the conference's network team will be on-hand to film a practice that North Carolina conducts.

The reason for not televising the game is that the Tar Heels have made a ton of changes on the defensive side of the football and do not want it on television (which provides future opponents the opportunity to record and ultimately scout based on the footage). Additionally, Brown cited the "true quarterback battle" that is currently ongoing in Chapel Hill as another reason for the switch.

Don't get me wrong: I understand why the UNC football program feels this way about the spring game. They don't want to tip their hand, especially with the uncertainty they currently face at the quarterback spot.

However, in the same token, why wouldn't you want your fan base to actually see the scrimmage to get an early glimpse of what your program has to offer?

No one ever said the UNC football program has to show the entire playbook as part of this scrimmage. Why not run some plays with both quarterbacks that give fans an opportunity to see how that important positional battle is going?


To add to that, the Tar Heels will be without some very important contributors (Bryson Nesbit, John Copenhaver and Kaimon Rucker to name a few), so it's not like we would actually see the offense or defense in full force.

I get the logic from the program's perspective, but to me, not showing the spring game is simply dumb.