Roy Williams shows hatred for NC State with classic reaction at the Final Four

It's safe to say that the former UNC basketball head coach will always despise the NC State Wolfpack.
Illinois v Florida Atlantic
Illinois v Florida Atlantic / Porter Binks/GettyImages

It's no secret that Roy Williams truly hates the NC State Wolfpack.

In fact, the former UNC basketball program's head coach has openly discussed this hatred in the past, citing a story that goes back to his college days. He wasn't afraid to show that hatred during his Hall of Fame coaching career, as some things don't ever change even with his coaching career now well in the past.

Williams was in attendance for the Final Four meeting between NC State and Purdue, as cameras caught a classic reaction from him following a DJ Burns basket.

You HAVE to see this!

I think we all know who Williams was rooting for, as he's likely very glad that the Wolfpack have now been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. His reaction was simply hilarious to see, as some things truly never change.


Sure, Williams' Tar Heels didn't make the Final Four, as NC State fans will rebuttal with this argument. However, as much as Williams would have love to have seen his beloved program make it to the Final Four, he'll definitely settle for Purdue winning the game against NC State on Saturday night.