Ranking the four most recent prominent UNC basketball transfers

Social media was asked to rank these four former UNC basketball standouts, so here's how we would rank them on our list.
Syracuse v North Carolina
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. Harrison Ingram. HARRY. player. . . . 441. Harrison Ingram. 3

If you know me, you know I'm a big Harrison Ingram guy.

I was truly disappointed when he chose to go to Stanford to begin his college career, but he made up for it by spending a season in Chapel Hill.

Ingram came in and immediately became a leader for the 2023-2024 UNC basketball squad, as his high energy and effort provided a major spark for the Tar Heels. Being called upon to fill that "stretch four" position, a role that wasn't nearly what he was asked to do while at Stanford, Ingram rose to the challenge and worked tremendously hard to improve his game in the areas the Tar Heels needed him to be great in, especially rebounding the basketball.

On most rankings, Ingram would be much higher on the list. However, the two guys ahead of him also were big-time transfer additions as well, so Ingram is a respectable No. 3 on this very talented list of players.