Ranking the four most recent prominent UNC basketball transfers

Social media was asked to rank these four former UNC basketball standouts, so here's how we would rank them on our list.
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441. . Pete Nance. . . 4. player. . Pete Nance. Nance

Nance was brought in by Hubert Davis and the UNC basketball coaching staff to help fill the void left by the departure of Brady Manek. Coming off a trip to the national championship game, Nance was viewed as the "missing piece," as the Tar Heels were returning four starters and were poised to make another title game run.

Well, as we all know, the season didn't go nearly as planned, as Nance took a lot of criticism (along with the other notable Tar Heels).

Nance was productive for the most part, but in the eyes of Tar Heel faithful, he simply wasn't Manek.

All along, it felt like the fit didn't work, as Nance was more suited to man the center position. He wasn't the skilled shooter that Manek was, so the role of the "stretch four" was something that he never really settled into.

You simply can't solely blame Nance for the Tar Heels' struggles that season, but at the end of the day, he'll go down as a productive player who didn't really seem to fit with the roster that North Carolina possessed.

That's the tough part about the transfer portal: not all players end up being great fits with their new squads.