Ranking the four most recent prominent UNC basketball transfers

Social media was asked to rank these four former UNC basketball standouts, so here's how we would rank them on our list.
Syracuse v North Carolina
Syracuse v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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Alright, let's cut to the chase.

Our good friends over at UNC Zone (Follow them on X, @ZoneUnc) challenged Tar Heel faithful to rank these four UNC basketball transfers.

Here's the tweet to provide you with some clarity.

Before we get the ball rolling: it's important to note that each of these four players are very good at the sport of basketball. However, we are ranking them based on their impact with the UNC basketball program and how they well they fit while wearing the Carolina Blue.

Not going to lie: I had a difficult time with this one, as some of the players on this list are some of my favorite Tar Heels of recent memory. However, we're going strictly off production and other on-court factors (such as leadership, energy, etc.) to help justify our case.

We won't make you wait any longer: here's our ranking of these four former UNC basketball players.