Mix reviews for Vance Honeycutt in the most recent MLB Pipeline mock draft

The UNC baseball program's star centerfielder is one player whose value seems to fluctuate based on who you ask.
Georgia Tech v North Carolina
Georgia Tech v North Carolina / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

It's no secret that Vance Honeycutt has been considered one of the best baseball players in the country, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's a shoe-in to be a top-10 pick in this year's Major League Baseball Draft.

Sure, the UNC baseball program's center fielder is one of the most electric players that you'll see, as he impacts the game at a high level in essentially every aspect. However, there are some characteristics that might scare some MLB teams, as Honeycutt found himself slipping into the middle of the first round in MLB Pipeline's most recent mock draft.

Jim Callis has Honeycutt projected as the No. 17 overall pick to the Milwaukee Brewers, as this is what he had to say regarding him falling to this spot:

"Honeycutt has the best tools in the college class but also alarming strikeout rates and in-zone swing-and-miss percentages, so he both enthralls and frightens clubs at the same time. Some teams think he won't last this long, while others believe he could drop into the late 20s."

Of course, you never know what will happen on draft day until the picks actually start to roll in, as some organizations may view players higher than originally anticipated. It's very possible that a team decides to take a chance on Honeycutt earlier in the round, as his skillset and potential might be too much to pass on.

Sure, every prospect has their strengths and weaknesses, but Honeycutt seems to be a player that will continue to improve as he progresses in his career. If he does somehow slide deeper into the first round, a potential team in the middle to later part of the round could be in line to get an absolute steal.