Mack Brown helped convince the New England Patriots that Drake Maye is their guy

During the pre-draft process, the UNC football program's head coach helped the New England Patriots tab their future quarterback.
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The NFL Draft is a very stressful time for teams across the league, especially for the teams that desperately need to turn their franchise around.

Under new head coach Jerod Mayo, the New England Patriots were one of those teams, as they desperately are in need of a new franchise quarterback. Since Tom Brady's departure, the Patriots have struggled to fill the void, as the plan was for the No. 3 overall pick to be the next face of the franchise.

New England did their due diligence on the handful of top-tier quarterbacks available on the draft board, as two were selected before they even were on the clock. However, their guy was still there, as they brought former UNC football star Drake Maye to Foxboro.

According to Sean McGuire from NESN, the Patriots met with Maye on numerous occasions during the draft process, including during his pro day in Chapel Hill. Mayo also had the opportunity to speak to his head coach, Mack Brown, who, of course, gave a glowing recommendation for his former quarterback.

When speaking to media members in New England via video conference, Brown admitted what he told Mayo during their discussions:

“I’ve learned that I want the high school coach to tell me the truth in recruiting, so I’m very honest with the NFL coaches. This is important to them.

So with Coach Mayo, I knew this is huge for him, just starting out in this first year. So I just told him, ‘If I was the coach of the Patriots, I would want Drake Maye. We all put our checks in the mouth of players, and that’s what you’re (Mayo) gonna do. And I would rather have Drake Maye than anybody in the country leading my football team.’

Sure, his film speaks for itself, but Brown is one of the best people to advocate for everything else Maye brings to the table. A fierce competitor and a tremendous leader, Maye is the type of quarterback you want leading your franchise, as Brown made sure he let NFL teams know that they would be getting a very special player and person by selecting him.

What Brown said was more than enough to convince the Patriots, who now look to build another dynasty with Maye under-center.