Mack Brown believes this UNC football star is one of the best he's ever coached

Mack Brown highly praises the current UNC football star, as he ranks him among the best he's ever coached.
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As we already know, Mack Brown has been coaching for a very long time. When you're around fthe college football world for 46 years, you're bound to witness first-hand the amazing college careers that student-athletes put together.

Brown has been fortunate to coach many great running backs. From guys who played for the legendary head coach at North Carolina like Javonte Williams to absolute legends such as Ricky Williams (who Brown coached at Texas), Brown is very knowledgeable when it comes to elite running backs.

In a recent interview, Brown stated that his current star running back, rising junior Omarion Hampton, is as good as any running back he's ever coached.

Here is the first quote from Brown during his appearance on The Zach Gelb Show:

"He's (Omarion Hampton) one of the best players in the country, and we've had some great running backs here and in Texas. He's as good as any of them.

I mean, he's big, he's strong, he runs a 4.4, he's 220, he has tremendous hands, he's very unselfish. He's a guy with our modern day transfer portal had the opportunities to go a lot of different places for a lot of money, and he's very unselfish. He decided to stay here because he knows we have a chance to run the ball well."

Gelb mentioned that Brown coached Ricky Williams during his college career, referencing his special 1998 season. Brown was asked if he believes Hampton could be as good as that, and after naming some absolute studs (such as Cedric Benson, Jamal Charles, and Selvin Young, Brown believes Hampton is in that category.

"This guy (Hampton) is in that group. It's hard when you have different eras to say that this one is better than that one, but this guy has got it all."

Brown is a very credible source when it comes to identifying great running backs, as he knows that the player who currently is spearheading his team's rushing attack is simply one of the great ones.

Who knows: maybe Hampton will have another strong season like he did a year ago and help lead the UNC football program to high levels during the 2024 season.