Hold up... Caitlin Clark wanted to be a Tar Heel?!

Arguably the greatest women's college basketball player of all time, Caitlin Clark noted that she grew up wanting to play for the UNC women's basketball program.
NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - National Championship
NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - National Championship / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Over the last four seasons, the college basketball world had the opportunity to witness greatness in the form of Caitlin Clark.

As a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes, Clark re-wrote the record books, ending her career as the NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer and brought not one but two national player of the year awards.

Clark will likely be the No. 1 overall pick in Monday night's WNBA Draft (and rightly so), but before she begin to focus on her professional career, Clark took some time to reflect on the past.

There was a program that Clark grew up wanting to play for. You could probably guess what program that was:

None other than the UNC women's basketball program.

At the annual Wooden Awards, Clark stated that she dreamed of playing at North Carolina. Her motivation was fellow Iowa native Harrison Barnes, who made quite the name for himself in Chapel Hill.

Clark mentioned that she used to wear a No. 40 North Carolina jersey in honor of Barnes, as his success on one of college basketball's biggest stages motivated Clark to want to follow in his footsteps.


Of course, that dream she set as a kid didn't come to fruition, as she ended up staying home and competing for the Hawkeyes. Although it would have been awesome to see what Clark could've done as a Tar Heel, it's very safe to say that her decision panned out in the long run.

File this story in with the "What Ifs" of players who aspired to play for North Carolina during their respective collegiate careers.