Former UNC basketball star puts on passing display in recent G-League action

Theo Pinson earned a reputation as a good passer for the UNC basketball program, but put on an ELITE performance for the Texas Legends this week.
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This week, former UNC basketball star Theo Pinson was dishing out assists like Oprah used to dish out gifts to her studio audience!

While playing for the Texas Legends of the G-League, Pinson recorded 20, yes, 20 assists en route to a 135-128 victory over the Memphis Hustle.

As Theo often says on the Run Your Race Podcast, "ROLL THE CLIP!"

Pinson simply put on a passing display, as he set up his teammates early and often in the victory. One of the beneficiaries of Pinson's big-time performance was former Tar Heel teammate Justin Jackson, who finished the night with 21 points.

Overall, Pinson fell just short of a triple-double, as he recorded 11 points and seven rebounds to go along with the aforementioned 20 assists.

Fans of the UNC basketball program can tell you how Pinson can impact the game in multiple ways. In this game, Pinson used his vision to set up his teammates, as it truly felt as if he was seeing how the play was going to break down before it even happened.

Of course, the goal for all the G-League players is to prove their way onto an NBA roster. In Pinson's case, he has played at the sport's highest level, and is proving that he still can offer a lot for teams in need of some versatility.

One thing's for sure: if you need someone to make winning plays, Theo Pinson is certainly the guy to make them.

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