Former UNC basketball standout throws shade at fellow Tar Heel legend

This former UNC basketball legend believes that the legendary Michael Jordan was overhyped in this particular area on the basketball court.
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If you had "one former UNC basketball player throws shade at another former Tar Heel" on this week's bingo card, there's two things you need to do:

For starters, realize that this wasn't a typo. Second, cross it off on your board before we continue.

Rasheed Wallace had some interesting comments about fellow former Tar Heel and NBA legend Michael Jordan, as he believes that the player that many believe is the "G.O.A.T" was not as good as advertised in this one particular area.

We'll just let you hear what Wallace had to say...

Wallace believes that Jordan, in his words "wasn't all that good on defense." He then proceeded to cite some players that he witnessed Jordan struggle to defend during his NBA career.

Of course, the NBA and those who follow it tend to disagree with Wallace's statement, given that Jordan was a 9-time All-NBA Defensive Team selection, led the league in steals on three separate occasions, and also earned a Defensive Player of the Year Award during the 1987-1988 season

Oh, and no other shooting guard has more blocks than MJ does.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as Wallace certainly is allowed to have his own. This take is coming from someone who competed against Jordan, so if you're looking from it from a professional perspective, there is some credibility to what Wallace has to say.

However, just as Wallace is often referenced for saying "the ball don't lie!" the resume doesn't either, as what Jordan was able to accomplish during his Hall of Fame career is hard to argue against.

On a week where the UNC basketball program is set to host rival Duke, who would've thought we would be talking about one former Tar Heel disrespecting another!

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