Former UNC basketball players fire back at Rashad McCants following recent comments

Theo Pinson and Justin Jackson were not buying what this former UNC basketball player was saying during a recent interview.
North Carolina Tar Heels v Illinois Fighting Illini
North Carolina Tar Heels v Illinois Fighting Illini / Elsa/GettyImages

Ah, leave it to Rashad McCants to try and stir the pot.

The former UNC basketball player recently had some... interesting comments during a recent interview where he basically claims that he was pushed to the side for other Tar Heels, most notably Sean May.

After the show was released and the comments were out in the open, former National Champions Theo Pinson and Justin Jackson discussed McCants' claims on Pinson's podcast, 'Run Your Race.'


For starters, McCants didn't even have 15 points in the 2005 National Championship game! He finished the night with 14 points while taking the most shots on the team (15, which was four more than any other UNC basketball player).

As Pinson and Jackson so perfectly discussed, do you really think that Roy Williams was focused on making Sean May the star of the game because of his birthday?!

Come on now.

Rashad, how about we look at the facts and not make stuff up.

Sean May was COOKING in that game, connecting on 10 of his 11 shots from the floor. Illinois had no answer for the big man, maybe THAT is why Roy Williams elected to continue feeding him the rock.

Oh yeah, and let's not forget the shot you missed (air-balled) with 1:30 remaining in a tie game. Fortunately, Marvin Williams was there to clean up the glass!

McCants has developed a reputation for talking crazy over the last few years, but maybe he should fact check before he starts talking about the UNC basketball program or anything else for that matter.

At this point, McCants just looks foolish, as evident by the look on the faces of those around him during that podcast appearance.

Anyways, check out the entire 'Run Your Race Podcast,' featuring host Theo Pinson and guest star Justin Jackson below.

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