ESPN analyst makes bold UNC basketball statement in enemy territory!

Even in front of a Duke Blue Devils crowd, this ESPN analyst responded to a question in favor of this specific UNC basketball player.
Connecticut v Maryland
Connecticut v Maryland / G Fiume/GettyImages

The ESPN College GameDay crew was in Durham ahead of tonight's UNC basketball game against rival Duke.

With the ACC regular season title hopes on the line, the crew of analysts had plenty of discussions about the history of the rivalry and this specific meeting.

As they typically do during each weekly broadcast, each analyst was provided a question to answer. Now, these questions aren't just limited to what is happening in their respective location at the time, but could be focused on the college basketball world as a whole.

Analyst Andraya Carter was asked probably the most difficult question of them all: with the game on the line, which UNC basketball, or Duke, player do you want taking the final shot.

Carter was a little hesitant to say her answer, but she still let it rip.

"RJ Davis."

Of course, Carter wasn't trying to start beef with the Duke fans, but she was confident that she would want the ball in Davis' hands with the game on the line.

We're bias, but we totally understand where Carter is coming from!

Davis has been outstanding this season, leading the UNC basketball program to a 24-6 record heading into the final day of the 2023-2024 regular season. He leads the ACC in scoring and appears to be the clear front-runner for the ACC Player of the Year Award.

When you look at this respective matchup, we tend to think that Carter chose the right player. Without a doubt, both teams have outstanding student-athletes on their roster, but Davis has been on a level this season that not many players can say they're at.

Davis and the UNC basketball program will look to defeat Duke for a second time this season, as they aim to win the ACC regular season title outright.

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