Erin Matson denied opportunity to tryout for U.S. Women's Field Hockey team

Ahead of the upcoming Olympic games, the most decorated American field hockey player is not being allowed to try out for the United States' squad.
Northwestern v North Carolina
Northwestern v North Carolina / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

This has to be a joke... right?

The United States Field Hockey team is denying Erin Matson the opportunity to tryout for the Olympic team at trials in Charlotte on April 7.

At this point, USA Field Hockey will not provide a reason and have elected not to comment on the situation. This decision has led UNC Chapel Hill Board of Trustees Chairman John Preyer to release the following statement:

"Why is US Field Hockey denying the greatest American player in history a chance to compete for a spot on the Olympic team? Erin meets all the criteria and is willing, able, and ready to be in Charlotte on Sunday with the full support of her colleagues and team at Carolina. We trust US Field Hockey will reconsider their earlier statements and give Erin the opportunity to compete."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the goal to put together the best possible team to compete in the upcoming Olympic Games?

Without Matson, that is simply IMPOSSIBLE to do!

Of course, we could go on for days about her remarkable playing career, as she's still be an active participant in the sport while also beginning her coaching career in the process. Heck, Matson even won a national title in her first season as a head coach!

All Erin Matson knows how to do is win!

Sports can be crazy, and we definitely hear some interesting storylines that come along with it. This story simply is the most bizarre thing we've heard in quite some time, as the USA Field Hockey's decision to deny Erin Matson the opportunity to compete in the upcoming trials is mind-boggling.

There's still time for them to fix this terrible decision, but whoever did make this decision should take a LOT of heat if it doesn't change before Sunday.