Elliot Cadeau will return to the UNC basketball program with... a different number?

After sporting the No. 2 jersey during his freshman season, it appears that Elliot Cadeau will be wearing a different number for his sophomore season.
North Carolina v NC State
North Carolina v NC State / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

If you got used to seeing Elliot Cadeau wearing the No. 2 jersey for the UNC basketball program, get ready for a bit of a change.

On social media, Cadeau's mother, Michelle, shared the above tweet, one that features the brand-new t-shirts that are available on his website. Cadeau is seen wearing the No. 3 (which is the number he wore in high school), the number that Cormac Ryan wore last season.

When asked by Riley Davis if he was switching to No. 3, Michelle Cadeau confirmed the news.

Sure, No. 2 is one that is rather iconic in regard to UNC basketball guards of the past, as plenty of talented guards have worn the number as Tar Heels. However, Cadeau is ready to retake his old number back, as he had the option to given that the number is now available.

Of course, we had to test out our editing skills a bit, as we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what Elliot Cadeau will look like wearing the No. 3:

I, for one, liked Cadeau wearing the No. 2, but I definitely can get used to seeing Cadeau rocking the No. 3 while he's cooking up some highlight-reel plays for the UNC basketball program this season!

Now, we'll have to wait and see what numbers the newcomers select, as there are four guys at the moment that need jersey numbers. There could be more players added to this list, as the Tar Heels have a few scholarships to work with this offseason.