Did the UNC basketball program get a "bad draw" in the NCAA Tournament?

According to 247Sports, the UNC basketball program may have gotten a bad draw for the upcoming 2024 NCAA Tournament.

North Carolina v Florida State
North Carolina v Florida State / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

With the start of the NCAA Tournament just a few days away, now is the time where everyone tends to overanalyze the bracket.

Some say that the UNC basketball program are in a favorable position while others don't tend to agree with that sentiment.

Isaac Trotter of 247Sports is one of them, as he listed North Carolina as one of the teams he listed among his "Dislike the Draw" group. His reasoning is due to the potential guards the Tar Heels will face, as he breaks it down in the below statement:

"The numbers that some of the lead guards have put up against North Carolina are a bit scary. DJ Horne had 29. Bub Carrington erupted for 24. Primo Spears had 17. Jared McCain scored 19. Jayden Taylor scored 22. That’s all in the last six games.

UNC’s path to the Final Four is littered with elite guards. Tyson Walker or Josh Hubbard will await in the second round. Augustas Marciulionis and Aidan Mahaney are a talented tandem for St. Mary’s. Alabama’s quartet of Mark Sears, Rylan Griffen, Aaron Estrada and Latrell Wrightsell wouldn’t be easy, either.

North Carolina’s small guards are about to get tested in a serious way."

As we know, the UNC basketball program features a starting lineup of RJ Davis and Elliot Cadeau, two smaller guards. We also know that North Carolina has had some issues with stopping lead guards as of late, as some talented guards had their way against the Tar Heels defense.

The Tar Heels do have Cormac Ryan, a very versatile player defensively, but if the other team features size, it's difficult for Ryan to focus on a guard, leaving either Davis or Cadeau in a mismatch in terms of size.

Fortunately, the Tar Heels have found ways to succeed this season even with this size disadvantage, as they'll look to lock in defensively to make life difficult for whatever opponent they are set to face along the way.

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