Current ACC standout has high praise for former UNC basketball star

After leading his team to a big road victory, Hunter Cattoor of Virginia Tech had some very high praise for a former UNC basketball star.

Virginia Tech v Virginia
Virginia Tech v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages

Hunter Cattoor had just finished leading his Virginia Tech Hokies to a big road victory over NC State, finishing the game with 19 points.

After the win, Cattoor had the opportunity to do a postgame interview on The CW, one that connected Cattoor with a former player that he grew up watching.

Former UNC basketball star John Henson was working the broadcast as a commentator for The CW, as Cattoor ended his time with the broadcasting duo by letting Henson know that he grew up watching him play. By the sound of his voice, you can tell that Cattoor really respected Henson's game, as the current Virginia Tech star told the former UNC basketball star that he was a fan of his growing up.

Henson played for the UNC basketball program for three seasons, as he was a two-time All-ACC selection. He made his mark on the defensive side of the ball, capturing two ACC Defensive Player of the Year awards, as he had the ability to beat you on both sides of the floor.

The moment shared between Cattoor and Henson is another prime example of why sports are so great. Although Henson joked afterward about feeling old after hearing Cattoor talk about watching him play, it must have felt really good to hear that he influenced the future of the sport in a positive way.

Although Henson is far removed from his UNC basketball days, it's players like Hunter Cattoor who prove that the legacy they built will carry on for future generations.

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