Cameron Crazies act crazy following Duke's loss to UNC basketball program

Duke fans didn't like it when another team stormed the court and harmed their players, but they acted crazy after losing to the UNC basketball program.

North Carolina v Duke
North Carolina v Duke / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Stay classy, Duke fans.

We heard what a crime it was that Wake Forest fans stormed the court following a win over Duke, one that "injured" Kyle Filipowski.

Jay Bilas was calling for court storming to stop entirely while others called for the heads of those who ran into Filipowski. Duke fans don't like it when their players are attacked, but showed it's quite okay when they do it to players from other teams.

This is the scene after the UNC basketball program defeated Duke to outright secure the ACC regular season title.

Now, before you say "well, the Tar Heels players didn't do themselves any favors," why yes, you are correct. After hearing the fans smack talk them since they essentially arrived in Durham, the UNC basketball players wanted to get their smack talk in before heading back to Chapel Hill with the trophy.

Harrison Ingram admitted that the boys were "talking crazy," and admitted that he got hit with a very random item.

You can see in the video above that security tried to stop the crowd from throwing water and other objects at the UNC basketball players, but it wasn't enough to stop the classless fans who spent weeks camping outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium just to see their team lose to its biggest rival.

There's an old saying: "do unto others as you would have undo to you." Guess this doesn't matter for the "Cameron Crazies," as this is yet another classless example of how not to act at a college basketball event.

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