Best landing spots for 3 key UNC Football standouts in 2024 NFL Draft

Ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, here is where we want to see these former UNC football standouts land.
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. . . . player. Drake Maye. Drake Maye. Drake Maye. QB. 441

For quarterback prospects, being drafted by the right team is so vital,

Of course, you can say that about any position on the field, but for a quarterback, the fit can essentially make or break a player's development.

Guys like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers benefitted from being drafted into a system that they had the opportunity to learn as a backup, while others (like Zach Wilson), were thrown into the fire and ultimately didn't succeed.

For Maye, we really hope that neither the Washington Commanders or New England Patriots select him.

Both teams possess defensive minded head coaches (both who will be in their first year on the job) are in a rebuilding process. Ideally, you want to end up in a position where, sure, you probably are on a team that's rebuilding, but has the offensive minded coaches to help develop the player correctly.

This may not seem like a popular pick, but the New York Giants are our fit for Drake Maye.

. 31. NYG. . . . . NYG. .

Sure, we could've gone with the Minnesota Vikings here, but the Giants are in a position where they likely could move up to draft the Tar Heels' star.

Brian Daboll did wonders with Josh Allen in Buffalo, and Maye could definitely fit that mold. It's possible that the Giants are exploring trading up due to the similarities between Allen and Maye.

Maye might end up in Washington or New England, but hey, a draft night trade would be a fun scenario to play out.