Armando Bacot showcases emotion following final UNC basketball home game

After five seasons of competing for the UNC basketball program, Armando Bacot shared his thoughts following his final home game.

Mar 5, 2024; Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels forward Armando Bacot (5)
Mar 5, 2024; Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels forward Armando Bacot (5) / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

They say time flies when you're having fun, as Armando Bacot's five-year tenure with the UNC basketball program seemed to pass us all by in the blink of an eye.

Bacot was fortunate enough to be granted an extra year of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the star big man took full advantage of not only captializing on the new world of NIL, but also being able to compete for his beloved program for one more season.

Following his final home game as a member of the UNC basketball program, Bacot shared his emotion with the media, as he discussed a variety of topics, including how he felt during his final appearance as a player at the Dean Smith Center.

Here's what Bacot had to say about his emotions throughout the day and during Tuesday night's contest against Notre Dame:

"It's over. All day I have been focusing on the game, even when I first got out there, the whole first half it just felt weird, thinking the whole time it's over. It really took me a minute to settle in because I just couldn't believe it, to get to this point and to think where I was my freshman year. It's just amazing. I just remember meeting Coach [Roy] Williams and him just being so honest and telling me I needed to get better. Day'Ron Sharpe and Walker Kessler coming in, I felt like a lot of kids in my situation would have transferred or quit. It just pushed me to go harder."

With the win over the Fighting Irish, the Tar Heels captured at least a share of the ACC regular season title. This is something that the program hasn't done since before Bacot's time on campus, as he notes how important it was to him and his team to make that happen:

"We haven't hung a banner in five years when it comes to ACC regular season, so just to be able to do it is just a special feeling."

Bacot noted how fortunate he has been to play an additional season with the UNC basketball program, and even though he won't take the court at the Dean Smith Center again in his career, he knows the team has so much left to play for over the next couple of weeks.

While reflecting on his last game in front of the home crowd, Bacot made a statement that reminds us all of just how much he cares about this program.

"It's crazy to think this being my last game here and how far I have come. I may not have been the best player to ever play here, I may not have scored the most points, I did grab the most rebounds, I may not have blocked the most shots, but I think in terms of players, no one has loved this school as much as I have."

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