A special send-off for UNC basketball star Armando Bacot

In his final game in front of the UNC basketball fan base at the Dean Smith Center, Armando Bacot's last on-court moment is one we'll all remember.
Notre Dame v North Carolina
Notre Dame v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

It's weird to say it, but, Armando Bacot has played his last ever game at the Dean Smith Center.

For five seasons, UNC basketball fans got to watch Bacot go to work in the post, as the program's all-time rebounder and double-doubles machine had plenty of very memorable performances in front of the Carolina faithful.

In his final home game, Bacot did something that none of us thought that he would.

If you bet on what his final shot (or made basket) would be on the Tar Heels home court, it's very unlikely that you would pick a three-pointer as your top choice.

Well, not only did Bacot drain a three-pointer earlier in the second half, but his final shot of his final game at the Dean Smith Center was yes, a nothing but net three-pointer.

What a moment it was for not only Bacot, but for the UNC basketball faithful as well. Heck, even his former coach, the legendary Roy Williams, seemed to be impressed with his range!

Of course, if Williams was still on the sidelines, he probably would have had a different reaction to Bacot trying to channel his inner Steph Curry!

The UNC basketball program not only picked up a dominant victory over Notre Dame, but clinched at least a share of the ACC regular season title in the process. To add to it, Bacot, who has been a tremendous asset to the program over his five seasons in Chapel Hill, got the proper send-off that he most certainly deserves.

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