4 Kentucky Wildcats who could make sense for the UNC basketball program

With the major news of John Calipari's departure, the UNC basketball program should be keeping tabs on these four current Kentucky Wildcats.
CBS Sports Classic - Kentucky v North Carolina
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JB. . . Jordan Burks. 528. . . Jordan Burks. G. player

If you're looking for a bit of a "sleeper pick," Jordan Burks would be your guy.

A 6-foot-8 guard, Burks struggled to find a consistent role during his freshman season at Kentucky. However, he shot the ball extremely well when he did take the floor, connecting on 16 of his 25 shot attempts.

Burks could help add some size to the Tar Heels backcourt. He probably wouldn't start right away (given the Tar Heels' depth), but he could be a very important reserve who could see minutes at the guard position or even on the wing.