4 Kentucky Wildcats who could make sense for the UNC basketball program

With the major news of John Calipari's departure, the UNC basketball program should be keeping tabs on these four current Kentucky Wildcats.
CBS Sports Classic - Kentucky v North Carolina
CBS Sports Classic - Kentucky v North Carolina / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Mostly as a starter, Thiero was a shot-blocking presence for Kentucky, leading the team with 27 blocked shots this season.

Thiero is one of those "glue guys" that seems to do a little bit of everything to help his team win. He's a versatile player who has grown since his initial arrival in Lexington, as he's a guy who could defend multiple positions while providing some production on the offensive side of the ball.

Who knows: maybe a stop in Chapel Hill could help bring out his true offensive potential!

*Thiero entered the transfer portal prior to Calipari's departure from Kentucky*