3 UNC football positions that will be a battle during spring practice

When the UNC football program kicks off spring practices, here are three positions that will feature competitions for the starting jobs this fall.
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Before we proceed, it's important to note that this is not meant to be disrespectful to the defense by any means.

Allow me to explain.

Under Gene Chizik, the UNC football program's defense struggled mightily. It led to a change of the guards this offseason, as Geoff Collins was brought in to take over the role.

This spring is a PERFECT opportunity for Collins and the Tar Heels to really take a closer look at the defense as a whole in an effort to put the unit in the best possible position to succeed.

There are a few players who are expected to remain key contributors, such as Power Echols, Alijah Huzzie and Kaimon Rucker. However, it doesn't hurt to look at this group as a whole to see where they can improve upon before the season gets underway.

It's broke, now's a great time to fix it.