3 UNC football players who should be replaced on the depth chart for 2024

Keeping It Heel site expert Nick Delahanty thinks that the Tar Heels should search for upgrades at these three positions for the 2024 season.

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4. Caleb Hood. 441. Caleb Hood. RB. player. Caleb Hood. . Senior.

Omarion Hampton is the clear No. 1 option at the running back position for the UNC football program, but the question remains: who is the backup?

The Tar Heels running back depth was depleted by the transfer portal/graduation, as this was an area where the coaching staff felt they must add some additional depth. Darwin Barlow is set to join the program as a transfer from USC, and some incoming freshman talent Davion Gause is expected to be in play for some significant playing time right away.

Although Caleb Hood is one of the few returners among this unit, it isn't exactly a lock to say that he should be the frontrunner to compliment Hampton this season in the backfield.

This might seem like a small issue, considering how much of the workload Hampton carries. However, you must remember two things:

For starters, injuries happen. Hampton is the one guy the Tar Heels can't afford to lose via injury, but you always have to think of the "what if" scenarios in case something does go wrong.

Additionally, the goal is to keep Hampton as fresh as possible. One (or more) of the players in this position group are going to have to step up and produce at least a little bit to help keep the offense going when Hampton is on the sidelines.

At this point, it's probably safe to say that Hood isn't the answer as the Tar Heels RB2 heading into the 2024 season.