3 players who could benefit from the UNC football program's bowl game

These three players have the opportunity to really benefit from their increased playing time during the UNC football program's bowl game vs. West Virginia.
Campbell v North Carolina
Campbell v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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With so many players across the country electing to opt out of bowl games (whether to declare for the NFL Draft or to get a head start on transferring elsewhere), these games don't seem to draw the same interest from fans as they once did.

What is viewed as a "meaningless game" by many could be a big game for others, as the student-athletes who will see more playing time have the opportunity to showcase their talent on a national stage.

The UNC football program will be without quite a few standouts, including star quarterback Drake Maye, wide receiver Tez Walker and linebacker Cedric Gray. Although the guys who are sitting out are big losses, it's up to the rest of the remaining roster to pick up the slack.

This isn't just a game that will affect this season. For players returning in 2024, these types of opportunities serve as ways to work towards earning a more prominent role, while it also allows the coaching staff to evaluate the team's talent before heading into the offseason.

When the UNC football program takes the field on Wednesday night in the Duke's Mayo Bowl, here are three players who can benefit the most from their opportunity to play in this game.